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Opinion: Nellie Andreeva Hollywood Reporter "Work It" Is Transface, Not Silly.

Opinion: Nellie Andreeva your opinion has no validity or basis in fact. Your article plays to those of your following who delight in the suffering of transgender people.

I was at a loss to extrapolate on my opposition to the horrific images of Work It until I read Nelli Andreeva's opinion on the Hollywood Reporter. The article was just made to be torn down.

Starting with your article's Headline:

Opinion: "Work It" is Not Anti- Transgender, It Is Just A Silly Cro... 

First Andreeva, Cross Dressers are under the Transgender umbrella umbrella. Some the gender diverse find that cross dressing is the gender expression they are most comfortable with and some of us began transitioning by experimenting with crude interpretations of femininity. In that context in those early days of transition when we were seen in public we were thought of as generic cross dressers also.

There was a particular impression made on me by a visual and the accompanying canned laugh track of the Work trailer.

The actor is clearly in blackface as his pitiful "help me" invokes feelings of ineptitude, embarrassment and helplessness. This is sick beyond words.

*Work It's Transface is silly to transgender people as Blackface was silly to people color.*

The reasons the worlds population finds these images revolting are the same. Both transface and black face dehumanizes a minority that presently lacks protections or a voice in mainstream media.

The accompany laughter will especially haunt the youth  early in transition echoing every time they go out "cross dressed" making each day of their journey of transition that much more precarious.

Work It has the blood of our transgender youth on their hands.

Early in the article you mentioned the Italian outcry against Jersey Shore and how it had subsided. When in reality the Italian community lacked the media and allies to compete with the likes of you bought and paid media repeater sites.

You wrote "The assumption of protesters is that the images of guys dressed in women’s clothes (at a urinal) would evoke associations with transgender people." 

Nelli Andreeva your ignorance of the transgender experience is only eclipsed by your ability at expressing it. The bathroom meme is the most toxic of anti trans vitriol and our enemies know how to use it with maximum effect in all its deviations. Just a few months ago after starting the first full time job I have had since transitioning a rumor began that I was using the men's room. That was on the first day and since then I have been repeatedly discriminated against ostracized, and even physically attacked.

Finally Andreeva, your journey into the past is irrelevant. You can not justify work it by nostalgically recalling the days of unopposed transphobic, problematic media because today social conscripts are different.

Today the Transgender community has the power to communicate and our allies are strong by our sides.

Just read the comments as thousands of world's population sign the transgender petition ABC Do Not Air The Sitcom "Work It".  

A vast majority of the comments are made by non transgender people who's common objection to Work It is "its inhuman to mock a minority".

 Do Not Air The Sitcom Work It.


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