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Employment Specialist - Transgender Economic Empowerment Initiative
Organization: JVS
Location: San Francisco
Salary: $37,000 - $42,000, DOE

Director of Finance and Administration Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund Washington, DC

Director of Policy Equality Michigan Detroit, MI

Director of Victim Services Triangle Foundation Detroit, MI

Senior Director, Development Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE) New York, NY

Accounting Manager Arcus Foundation New York, NY

Executive Director ACLU - Southern CA Los Angeles, CA

Major Gifts Officer - West Coast
The Trevor Project West Hollywood, CA

Director of External Relations San Francisco Pride San Francisco, CA

Office/ IT Manager San Francisco Pride San Francisco, CA

Executive Director National Coalition for LGBT Health Washington, DC

Executive Assistant Arcus Foundation New York, NY

Executive Director The Aqua Foundation for Women Miami, FL

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Studying at two universities


   I would like to share a comment in regard to perceptions; one way think of red / blue (republican / democrat) on how each type of university treats students who are lgbt. I have had the opportunity to graduate from both types of universities. With a university located in a red state, I have found they are more forward thinking to having policies and roles in places for lgbt students and especially transgendered students; while, a university located in a blue state, like…


Posted by Diana Kanecki on February 25, 2015 at 2:31pm

things to start in the right direction

One business journal "build" discussed the aspect of change; the most important is to stay away from negative environments in work and leisure. Remember, you will have greater productivity in environments that are welcoming and people who are welcoming. Explore and have fun while you work and play .



Posted by Diana Kanecki on January 29, 2015 at 4:40am

Challenges to Transwomen


   The Kenosha area has made progress; however, there are still some haters and takers who are trying to use the argument that a transwomen is not living as a women if she seen without her wig on or has hair issues as thinning or missing hair; many people know women have thinning hair and hair missing spots as men. The hard point is these haters are teaching their children at an early age to call transwomen out, and these haters are people who vote democrat. In my personal…


Posted by Diana Kanecki on November 15, 2014 at 12:14pm

Nano rhimo


    I'm participating in the nano rhimo event in Kenosha; the people there are wonderful and it is a fun and creative event. The nice thing is that everyone has a varied background from girl geeks, authors, first time, and young creatives at the elementary level and jr high school level. With Nano Rhimo, the event is a unifying event for many in the community; please feel free to participate on Sundays from noon to 3pm at the southwest library in…


Posted by Diana Kanecki on November 15, 2014 at 11:57am


Attorney Assisted Transitions 1 Reply

During the past 4+ years, I have been very slowing and cautiously proceeding with a male to female gender transition.  I am now on the verge of openly acknowledging my transition at work, which remains one of the few places that I have not overtly…Continue

Tags: Transition, Workplace, Transitions, Assisted, Attorney

Started by Caroline Charlese Zoe in Job Advice and Issues. Last reply by Christine Roy Feb 20, 2014.

Small Business Owners that are Transgendered 14 Replies

I would like to talk w/ other transgender small business owners that are out there.

Started by Sofia Belatrix Lenard in Job Advice and Issues. Last reply by Rebecca Lynn Clark, CPA CFE Nov 24, 2013.

Careers Working with Trans Community 1 Reply

Hello:I'm looking for a bit of input from other transgender people, or at least those who are familiar with the issues we face on the job.For me, workplace transition could be a bit dicey, so I am looking into a career change.  I would like to be…Continue

Tags: transgender, community, careers, university, education

Started by Veronica Sawyer in Job Advice and Issues. Last reply by Stephanie Peck Dec 3, 2012.

real honest jobs in colorado

I have been looking for a real honest job in colorado where I can continue with my transition and not having to stop and restart just to find a job, and worry what my new employeer thinks. So if you know of a company that hires Transgender ladies,…Continue

Started by Tami Ann Leigh in Personal Stories Dec 20, 2011.

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